Tianjin Radio & TV University

Tianjin Radio and TV University (TJRTVU) was founded in January, 1979. Its predecessor was Tianjin Radio Correspondence University founded in 1958, which first adopted radio as a medium in China.

schoolThrough twenty years' efforts, TJRTVU, in order to meet the demand of distance and open education, now has qualified teaching staff and modern teaching facilities such as the satellite receiving system, cable TV system, computer network, the audio-visual education center, the library & information center, the computer experimental center and classrooms on net, the Lecture Hall equipped with multi-media, the audio-visual reading-room and all kinds of laboratories. TJRTVU takes advantage of the rich teaching resources and multi-media to conduct distance and open teaching activities. At present time, there are 253 hours of TJRTVU courses broadcasted on Tianjin Radio Station, TV special channels and the cable TV station each week. Some teaching resources are provided by the network in the university.

There are 53 study centers attached to TJRTVU, which forms a systematic network around the city. They carry out the integrated plans, manage academic affairs at the primary level. TJRTVU gives priority to the two-year education programmes, together with some bachelor degree course series, secondary school education and various kinds of non-certificate training. With multi-specifications, multi-levels, multi-functions, multi-forms to run universities, TJRTVU has set up 108 specialties of 17 categories on arts, science and engineering, agriculture, and economic management. Up to the end of 1999, about 80,000 students have graduated from the university, 170,000 people have received various kinds of training and obtained certificates. For twenty years, TJRTVU graduates have been working conscientiously, constantly striving to become stronger in their own posts and making contributions to the socialist modernized construction.

TJRTVU has started the research on the modern distance education, open education and its practice and had international exchanges and cooperation with institutions abroad, which promotes the development of the distance and open education.

The modern distance education project presented in "The Action and Plan on the Promotion of Education in the 21st Century" makes TJRTVU will continue to play the key role in the formation of the open education system so as to meet the increasing demand of life-long study.

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